No Commitment to Hotel

In an August 24th press release, the City of Pacifica addressed a supposed commitment by Paul Heule, the current Quarry owner, to build a hotel:

In a press release issued yesterday, City officials learned that Paul Heule, owner of the parcel of land referred to as the The Quarry, made statements that he “gave firm commitments to….city leaders regarding Quarry site plans”. The City of Pacifica has received no binding commitment from Mr. Heule related to the hotel construction, or any other aspect of the project, other than a verbal one similar to the commitment made by the developer to the community at large.

According to the City’s 9212 Report, Measure W would make it possible to build 206 units without the hotel or commercial area (question 17, p. 36). Also, the report says that it is unlikely that the City could impose conditions that would require the hotel to be built before the residential units (question 145, p. 61).

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